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Uniquely developed study guides to aid your WSET revision and consolidate your learning. Matching your WSET course chapters, our guides offer mock exam questions, practice tests and quizzes and supplementary revision resources. All designed to help you pass your WSET exams.

Please note that these are designed to be used alongside your student materials to help you revise. This is NOT a copy of official WSET course content, created or endorsed by the WSET. You will need to be registered with a local provider to be given the relevant student materials.

These study guides are not WSET’s own past papers, exam questions or student study materials, they are developed by Northern Wine School to be similar to the actual exams. WSET does not release its exam questions.


If you’re not studying with us, there is a small charge for a month’s access to the study guides.

Level 1 – £14.99

Level 2 – £24.99

Level 3 – £34.99

Try before you buy: we offer free tasters for each of our study guides so you can check them out.


We are a Wine Scholar Guild approved instructor


We developed these exclusive Study Guides because we know revising for your WSET exam can be difficult. And we know how important it is that you pass. We’ve been teaching WSET courses for years and so we know what the exams are like.

We’ve created tests and quizzes to match the end of every chapter in your course as well as extra material like mock exams, flash cards, mini-quizzes, true/false questions… all sorts. All there to reinforce your learning and, hopefully, have a bit of fun while you’re doing it.

You simply log in and everything you need is accessible at any time of day or night. You get the answers to all the activities instantly, and you can do each exercise as many times as you like.

If you’re studying with us, you have always-on access to the Study Guides for as long as your course lasts. If you’re paying for your access, it will last for a month, but you can renew should you wish.

Try a sample course for fun!

We’ve created 3 mini sample courses of ten exercises that span wine, spirits and sake. Try it out and test your knowledge for free.

Please note: our actual courses contain, on average, 65 different tests and exercises.


No, they’re not. The WSET does not publish past exam papers, nor are we allowed to copy questions from actual exam papers and reproduce them. 

However, we know how useful exam-style questions can be when revising, which is why we developed these extra resources which include question sets based on each course’s specification. These detail what will be examined and where the WSET place the most emphasis.

We can’t guarantee they will be exactly the same, or as difficult as you may find the actual exam, but we have developed them from our extensive knowledge of teaching the courses.

As long as your account is active, you can take the tests as many times as you like – improving your knowledge each time you do

No. These are only practice questions designed by Northern Wine School to help you learn and test your understanding. Don’t worry if you get some things wrong, that’s how you learn and gives you focus on what to improve on before the real thing! The WSET do not see your results – you won’t be penalised

Access is allocated to the email account and username you created at check out. To view it, navigate to the my account area of the website. Your study guide content is stored under the ‘memberships’ tab

Yes, you can. The resources are free to our students; however you can still access them if you’re studying elsewhere for a small fee.

Although WSET courses are taught all over the world in many different languages, the syllabus is universal. As we are UK-based, all the content we provide is in English.

We make sure that the questions are always updated when an update or completely new course is introduced. This sometimes means we have to delete whole courses and start again! However, this also means that you have access to up to date resources that represent what the exams currently assess.

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