This is a highly respected accreditation that is officially recognised as a marque of excellence by the French government. 

If you pass this course you can use the letters FWS after your name which is great for your career prospects or just to prove your expertise in French wine.

Become an Accredited French Wine Expert

Sign up for this course and:

  • Learn more about French wine than you ever thought possible.
  • Make better wine-purchasing decisions and wow your envious friends.
  • Know more about French wine than all of your friends and family combined, so you’ve got the ultimate bragging rights in every social occasion.
  • Be the ultimate expert in French wine and impress/be the envy of all your friends and family.
  • Continue your learning and development after passing WSET Level 2, 3 or Diploma. WSG courses cover more regions.
How does it work & What's INCLUDED?
  • A gorgeous, 270 page full-colour study manual.
  • One year’s access to the Wine Scholar Guild’s online e-learning resources. This contains quizzes, tests, and games to help you revise.
  • 9 week evening tutored sessions in a small group led by an expert Educator.
  • All tasting samples.
  • First attempt at the exam.
  • Certificate, pin badge and right to FWS post nominals.

Taste The Best And Most Exclusive Wines France Has To Offer

This course will get you access to the most exclusive wines France has to offer so you’ll taste wines which few in the world even know exist.

You get to focus on enjoying the wines, without worrying about using specific terms – In fact you will taste over 60, including some rare and unusual ones. We cover the following regions in the course:

Evening class, 9 week format. 6.30-9pm:

Week 1 – Introduction & Alsace.

Week 2 – Champagne.

Week 3 – Burgundy.

Week 4 – Beaujolais, Jura & Savoie.

Week 5 – The Loire.

Week 6 – Bordeaux & South West France.

Week 7- The Rhône & Provence.

Week 8 – Languedoc-Roussillon & Corsica.

Week 9 – 1 hour, 100 MCQ Exam.

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Meet fellow wine enthusiasts on this course & expand your social circle.

Extremely Limited Availability. Max 14 places.

We are the only provider of this course in the North West, and we only run this course once a year for a very limited number of people. So book your seat now so you don’t miss out!

For each region, you will learn about:

  • Viticultural history, wine culture and traditions
  • Location and climate and their effects on viticulture and wine style
  • Topography, geography and soils and their impact on the vine
  • Grape varieties and their organoleptic profiles
  • Viticulture and winemaking practices
  • Wine industry trends and economics
  • All AOCs with their regulations, wine styles and specificities

The study manual also contains a Foundation Unit that covers French wine law, grape varieties, viticulture, viniculture and a discussion of Old World vs. New World wine styles.


Northern Wine School HQ

Time: 6:30 pm

Next Course: October 9, 2024

From: £820.00