We can provide training for your team at your location and at a time that suits you. It’s a great way to get your organisation knowledgeable, enthused and able to serve your customers even better.

Our most popular team courses are the Wines and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) ones. We offer their flagship Wines, Spirits and Sake qualifications. However, we can offer any of the ones on our curriculum or informal training sessions.

We’ve held courses for multinationals, UK PLCs, local SMEs & new small businesses. We can accommodate from 1 member of staff, to bespoke in house courses for 10+. Get in touch and we’ll explore your requirements.

We have provided training for the following companies:

We have a range of wine, spirits & Sake training options available, which we can tailor to your business’ operational needs:

‘Wine Essentials’ training

From £100+ VAT per person. An informal 1 day workshop covering the basics of wine: How it’s made, professional tasting technique, service etiquette & food and wine matching. We can come to you and use your wine list, or offer the course at our venue in Manchester. It can be expanded to cover more detail, if you have a more extensive wine list. Simple sessions. No exam. No complex bureaucracy or paperwork. A low cost investment, with immediate results and confidence boost for your team. 

‘Niche Wines’ Training

From £65+VAT pp for a 2 hour session. Natural, organic/biodynmaic, orange & ‘Pet Nat’ wines are a huge growth area. Keep your staff up to speed with what these terms actually mean, and the impact on style, quality & price. Sort the facts from the marketing guff and give your customers and guests accurate information, making personalised product recommendations they’ll love.

Wine Faults Training

From £35+ VAT pp for a 1 hour session. Science, technology & know-how have made once common wine faults rare, but not impossible. Our certified wine experts will show you how to spot what can go wrong, what causes these issues and prevents embarrassment from serivng a faulty wine as well as customers ‘trying it on!’

Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Courses

From £200 per person. Professional, structured, globally accredited courses in wines, spirits & Sake that come in a variety of levels. From a 1 day, Level 1 class- to a 6 week, adavnced Level 3 giving a broad, yet comprehensive insight into how wines are made and the impact on their style, quality & price. Students will be able to apply thier knowledge across the world of wine, spirits or Sake. These involve an exam at the end and individual private study for Levels 2 & 3, but can be run in a variety of formats- classroom, in-house & online remote learning.

Wine Scholar Guild (WSG) Courses

£820 per person. Detailed accreditations in the wine regions of France, Spain & Italy. They go into a lot more depth on these countries’ individual wine regions than WSET courses, and are ideal for those with more specialist wine lists.

Sake Sommelier Association (SSA) Courses

From £95 per person. Specialist Sake courses covering the rich history of this up and coming, yet traditional ancient beverage. Learn about its fascinating history, how it is made, the main styles, service and food matching principles plus how to encourage customers to try it. 1.5 hour Introductory course and in depth, 2 day Certified Sake Sommelier options available.

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