Wine courses

The wonderful world of wine: it’s been with us for thousands of years and people love it – we certainly do.

We are firm believers in the idea that the more you know about something, the more you can get out of it – be that professionally or personally. That’s why we offer a range of different wine courses – whether you want to further your career or simply want to learn more about wine, we’re here to help.

We offer all three WSET Wine levels as well as both French and Spanish Wine Scholar Guild Accreditations. In addition, we also include free access to our own exclusively developed study guides for those taking any of the WSET courses.

Purchasing one of our courses as a gift? They’ll love you forever! Please make sure you let us know their details after purchase (first & last names, date of birth & email address). They will need to be registered to take the exam at the end. They won’t be sent anything until a couple of weeks before the course, so the surprise won’t be spoiled- Don’t worry!

WSET Level 1 award in wines
From £200

This is your entry level course – great for those starting their wine journey, whether that’s a career or simply an interest. You’ll learn how to taste, about grape varieties, regions and climates as well as how to pair food and wine.


WSET Level 2 award in wines
From £425

An intermediate level course. You don’t need to have taken level one, nor do you need any experience; however, it is designed for industry professionals and those with a really keen interest in wine. You will learn about a wide range of wines.


WSET Level 3 award in wines
From £825

The advanced level – it is recommended that you hold a WSET Level 2 award or have a very good knowledge of wine. You will gain a really deep understanding of grape growing and wine making, including sampling over 80 wines.

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French wine scholar

This advanced course goes into great depth about all French wine appellations and how their identities are shaped. It is classroom-based and taught in 10 week evening, or 5 week full day release formats.

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Spanish wine scholar

This advanced wine course is a rigorous and specialist classroom-based course on the wines of Spain and taught in either 9 week evening, or 4 week full day release formats.


WSET – The Wine and Spirits Education Trust – is one of the world’s leading and best-known providers of wine education. We hold The WSET Diploma in Wines and Spirits as well as being a WSET Certified Wine Educator.

Wine Scholar Guild

John Callow, our founder, is a French and Spanish Wine Scholar (having passed both courses with honours) and is an approved instructor for the Guild. This means he is able to provide the Guild’s renowned specialised certification programmes.

If you run a team in hospitality or catering, we can provide certification training for them