The Council of Whiskey Masters

The world’s leading education and certification body for whiskey expertise, covering Scotch, Bourbon, and more. Offering credentials in the field of whiskey that are equivalent to the well established designations in the world of wine.

Their Certified Scotch Professional & Certified Bourbon Professional courses require no previous experience. Beginners will find the program accessible without prior knowledge, and experienced professionals or hobbyists will find the depth of the curriculum demanding and satisfying

Their online distance learning courses run all year round. Know a whisky lover? This also makes a great life long gift. Find out more & enrol today below!


You’ll learn about:

The History of Bourbon, Modern Bourbon Production Methods, Bourbon Regulation and Terms, The Whisky Regions of America, The Bourbon Distilleries of Kentucky


You’ll learn about:

The History of Distillation, Malt Whisky History of Scotland, Modern Scotch Production Methods, Scotch Appreciation Methods, The Whisky Regions of Scotland

These courses are a perfect complement to your WSET qualifications. They are also really interesting for those who are fascinated by a particular subject.

Each course ends in a 100 question, multiple choice exam. On passing, you will become a Certified Professional. You can group both together in order to become a Certified Whisky Specialist, and even go one step further and become a Master or professional judge!

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