Learn to taste like a pro – we offer a range of tasting events, each one designed to give you lots of insight and be lots of fun.
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Tasting events at their best: book now!

virtual tasting events


Virtual Wine Tasting

A virtual version of our popular tastings. Enjoy from the comfort of your own home, we post the samples to you!
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Virtual Introduction to Sake

Learn about and taste Sake over Zoom from home: amazing.
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Due to COVID-19 we have had to cancel many of our tasting events. If you have tickets for one that’s coming up, please get in touch and we can discuss your options. However, we are running some really successful online events and we are (optimistically) taking bookings for events later in the year. So please do look through our events.

location based tasting events


Wine Tasting with Lunch

Ten amazing wines, three top-notch courses, lots of facts and fun.
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Wine & Cheese Tasting

Two of the finest things life has to offer? Find out precisely why.
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Steak & red wine tasting

Six mouth-watering rich, red wines plus a juicy dry aged rump steak dinner.
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Gin Tasting

Great gins, wonderful mixers, experimental garnishes: learn the craft of gin tasting.
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Gin & Afternoon Tea

Six amazing craft gins, complete with paired mixers and garnish, plus a delicious afternoon tea.
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French Wine & Cheese Tasting

A match made in heaven – vin et fromage: parfait. Discover why.
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Really good tasting events

Our tasting experiences are designed for all levels of knowledge and are open to anyone aged 18 or over. We don’t sell alcohol and are not affiliated with any producers.

All courses are run by a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced host. Everything is set up before you arrive – you just turn up, relax and enjoy yourselves with a great afternoon or evening.



Do ask questions, meet new people, learn stuff, find new favourites, enjoy yourself.


Don’t spit your drink out, there’s no need. (Of course, you can if you like.) Don’t drive, you’ll be drinking.


Don’t smoke or vape or wear strong perfume if you can help it – those things could impair your ability to taste. And we want you to get the most out of your experience.


No. Well, we do ask that you are dressed – obviously. All our events are informal.

Not at all. They are designed to be for everyone – if you are an expert, come along anyway, you might well learn something and your host will be up for the challenge of any questions you may have. 

Enough to make it an event, but not too many so you don’t get to make friends and ask your host questions. 

For Cheese and Wine, Gin, Burns Night Whisky Dinner and Discovery courses, there will be a maximum of 24 people.

For Steak and Red Wine, Gin and Afternoon Tea and the Saturday lunches, there will be a maximum of 18 people.

For private tastings there’s a minimum of ten people and up to one hundred. It depends entirely on what you want.

Cheese and Wine, standard Gin and Whisky tastings and Discovery courses are usually Thursday or Friday evenings from 7pm to 9pm. Steak and Red Wine is usually a Friday from 7pm to 9pm.

Gin and Afternoon Tea is on a Saturday from 2pm – 4pm and the Saturday lunches take place between 11am and 3pm.

Please arrive ten minutes before the start so we can get everyone settled and ready to start on time.

We rarely need to cancel events; we hate to disappoint our guests. However, we need a minimum number of attendees per event to make them viable, and for a great atmosphere. We will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to guests if this is necessary.

No just bring yourselves and a sense of fun and adventure. We supply the wine, glasses, nibbles, pens and your own copy of tasting notes to take home with you as a memento. You don’t need to bring the tickets or confirmation either, we have a list of attendees we check off as you arrive.

Of course – we won’t split anyone up. (Unless you request that we do!) Tables are normally for four or six people – if you’ve booked separately, then let us know and we’ll put you together. If all the tickets are in one name, you’ll be together anyway.

If there are more than ten of you, you might be interested in a private tasting.

For the wine events, it’s six 50ml samples. If you’re at the Saturday lunch, around ⅔ of a bottle per person: A welcome glass of fizz, then nine 50ml samples

For spirits, you get six standard measures of 25ml plus mixers and garnish for the gin events. 

Sometimes we have guest appearances from producers too, who may have some extra exciting things for you to try!

You can change your booking to a later date anytime up to two weeks before the event. Any later than this is at our discretion because we have to let the venues know how many guests are attending and organise enough wine/spirits and your meals/cheese in advance. Please get in touch if you need to talk to us about changing your date.