We offer courses and recognised qualifications in wine, spirits and sake.

The Northern Wine School is a WSET Certified Wine Educator (with a 100% pass rate in Levels 1 & 2), as well as an Approved Instructor for the Wine Scholar Guild. We are also a Certified Sake Educator, an official Champagne Educator, and an official Sherry Educator.

Getting your qualifications can be a real boost to your career. (Or, let’s be honest: your ego – it’s a great thing to boast about!) It’s also a great way to learn more about something you love. We offer a really flexible approach to learning as well as serious support to help you achieve success.


Wine Courses
From £185

The wonderful world of wine: it’s been with us for thousands of years and people love it – we certainly do.


Spirits Courses
From £195

Spirits – a whole world to discover: straight, with a mixer, in a cocktail… we’re fans however they come.


Sake Courses
FROM £75

Sake – this amazing fermented rice drink is rapidly gaining mainstream popularity: get to know it.


This is probably the most recognised qualification in the world of wines and spirits – level one can be completed in a one-day course (with revision) and level three is a five day course if you choose to study at one of our classrooms. We are proud to have a 100% pass rate across all our WSET courses and provide all our students with exclusive additional study guides to help consolidate knowledge and help with exams.

Some of our most popular courses


WSET Level 1 award in wines
From £185

This is your entry level course – great for those starting their wine journey, whether that’s a career or simply an interest. You’ll learn how to taste, about grape varieties, regions and climates as well as how to pair food and wine.


WSET Level 1 award in spirits
FROM £195

An introduction to spirits – great for those with an interest or if you’re starting a career in the industry. You’ll learn about types and styles of spirits as well as the factors affecting flavour and aroma.

Certified Sake Sommelier Logo

Certified Sake Sommelier

This is a two-day course held over two weeks and ends in an exam. Those who pass will become qualified sake sommeliers and awarded a certificate from The Sake Sommelier Association. Great for professionals and those who are simply sake fans.

Re-sit your WSET online or in Manchester


No matter how you choose to study with us, you get the following included in the price: the student pack or workbook, access to our online study guides and revision resources, help from a WSET Certified Educator when you need it during office hours, all postage costs, your first attempt at the exam and certificate and pin badge on successful completion.

You do not need to have completed the Level 1 qualifications to study the Level 2. If you have some knowledge and interest in wine already, you may find it more fulfilling and useful to start with Level 2. However, the Level 1 is a nice, gentle introduction to the theory of winemaking and the most popular grape varieties.

Level 3 is much more demanding and includes a tasting exam. You therefore must have studied Level 2 already or have good working knowledge of wines or spirits already. We reserve the right to refuse enrolment, so please do get in touch with us to discuss this first if you do not currently hold the Level 2. If it has been some time since you completed Level 2, it would be beneficial if you revisited the coursework first to remind yourself of the fundamentals.

If you have passed the same level previously, or a higher one, unfortunately you will not be able to sit the exam again to obtain a higher score. You are welcome to attend the classes or buy the latest student materials to refresh your skills, but please get in touch with us first to discuss. Unfortunately, we are unable to partially refund the cost of any course once you have registered. The WSET will check their records to verify you, and charge for this.

The WSET was founded over 50 years ago with the mission to create a universal skill set and level of knowledge and understanding. Their courses are now regarded as the industry standard, and taught by accredited schools like Northern Wine School (known as APPs/Approved Programme Providers) around the world in almost every country. They are essential for anyone considering a career in wines, spirits or Sake and help keen enthusiasts develop their appreciation to the next level.
With a WSET qualification, you are an expert! In addition, most are also recognised by the UK government on the national qualification framework and Northern Wine School and the WSET are regulated and monitored by OfQual. They count towards your continuing professional development.

We need to order the papers 2 weeks before the classroom course starts. Unfortunately, once they are dispatched by the WSET we cannot defer your exam sitting, except in exceptional circumstances. We need to send all papers back to the WSET whether they have been used or not for security and to protect the integrity of their qualifications. We cannot hold onto unused papers. If you are unable to sit the paper, then we will have to order another one at additional cost. 

If you are sitting the online version, please let us know as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the date and time cannot be changed less than 7 working days before the exam. There will be an admin charge for rearranging after this time equal to the cost of the exam.

Everything you need to pass! The workbook and textbooks are designed to carefully help guide your study and contain all the information you will be assessed on. Wider reading is encouraged, but if it’s not mentioned in the official text, then you won’t be expected to know it.

If you have done the required self study (and also made good use of our study guides) you should be fine. Worrying is natural, but do try not to worry too much: you’ve got this! The higher the level, the more detailed the syllabus and the more knowledge and understanding expected of you. However, if you don’t pass then we can arrange a resit subject to an additional fee.

Yes, so long as you have completed the course and done the required private study for it. We will check with your previous educator, and reserve the right to refuse if we feel your level of knowledge isn’t sufficient. However, the course is universal no matter where you study it in the world, so you can take the re-sit so long as you have already done the course and on payment of the current re-sit fee.

If you are booked onto a classroom-based course your exam will be on the last week, or at the end of the day for the Level 1. If you are opting for self study, or the online versions, we need 15 working days to book the exam for you. Please make sure you can attend the date, as papers cannot be cancelled once dispatched by the WSET. Online exams are available for the Level 1 & 2 qualifications, and can be scheduled any date or time that suits you, subject to the 15 working day minimum.

Yes. WSET & Wine Scholar Guild courses fall under education & training, so are exempt from government restrictions on activities. Classroom courses will run with precautions in place. We also have online and self study options available for WSET courses.

We hope you are enjoying your course, and strive to give you the best experience possible. If you are concerned about any aspect of our teaching, then we please ask you to get in touch with us first. Details on our complaints policy can be found here.