WSET Level 2, What Wines Will You Taste?

We are often asked in WSET Level 2, what wines will you taste? Did you know nearly half Level 2 Wines and Spirits Course consists of tasting wines and spirits? WSET advises trying a total of 50 different samples. These consist of:

  • 38 wines-all the major grape varieties from across the world
  • Four sparkling wines including Champagne and Prosecco
  • Four sweet/fortified wines including Sauternes, Sherry and Port
  • Four spirits such as rum, gin and whisky

The tasting of these will be divided evenly over the three sessions.

You can see why you will need to use a spitoon!

WSET Level 2, What Wines Will You Taste?

WSET Level 2, What Wines Will You Taste? Some of the fine wines selected

Just a (small!) sample of the 47 different wines and 4 spirits you get to sample on our WSET Level 2 Course.

To help educate your palate, you need to taste a wide range of wines from the cheap and cheerful to the fine wine end of the market. This enables you to try a large number of wines in a short space of time, and calibrate your palate professionally. You can compare and contrast and come to recognise quality.

This Includes some fantastic ones you may never have tried before, such as Tokaji, Premier Cru Chablis and Burgundies, Vouvray Demi Sec, a prestigious Californian Chardonnay and Zinfandel and a top quality New Zealand Pinot Noir from Central Otago.

Whether you want to delve deeper into your love of wine or, are hoping to begin your career in the world of wines and spirits. Learn how to taste and assess like a professional, and gain an industry and UK government accredited qualification at the same time with Northern Wine School. Accredited teaching personally delivered by our WSET Diploma Certified founder, John Callow.

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