Sparkling Wine and Fried Food

We tend to think of sparkling wines as a special treat, a drink reserved for special occasions and the finest of foods. However, they are becoming more democratic and affordable than ever before. The rise in popularity of that famous Italian bubbly everyone loves, has encouraged suppliers to fuel our love affair with fizz, in […]

Food and Wine Matching

It’s Really Simple… Opinions vary about which wines to match with certain foods. Some of it is down to personal taste, although it’s true that particular flavours bring out the best in each other. Some wines are definitely more food friendly than others. Food and wine matching Manchester Food and Wine Matching at our Manchester […]

Good Summer Barbeque or Picnic Wines

A BBQ is a good excuse to crack open some wines to share! We all know picking wines for others is complete trial and error in most cases. Even if you are good friends with the other guests and sort of know what they may like already, wines from the same areas or grape varieties, […]