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Wine Tool Essentials

Our Top Six Wine Gadgets

Here at Northern Wine School we are often asked which gadgets we find most useful. Here is our top six in no particular order:

Waiter's Friend

Strong and durable, with a double lever action. A great method for removing even the toughest corks. The blade makes an excellent foil cutter. Our favourite has an efficient serrated blade.

Foil Cutter

If you don't have a waiter's friend, or if you want a very fast and efficient foil cutter these fit the bill. Works effortlessly.

Butler's Thief

Ingenious gadget for removing old crumbly corks safely. If you put top pressure on such a cork it is likely to break up into the bottle. Just insert the two prongs either side of the cork, twist and pull.


Even inexpensive wine is improved by being allowed to breathe. Old wines need decanting often to remove any sediment. Looks good on your dinner table as well. A wide bottomed one like this gives you plenty of room to swirl your wine.

Vacu Vin Wine Saver

Creates an airtight vacuum so preserving wine once the bottle has been opened. Pump until you hear a click. It works very well. That's why you will see them being used on wine retailers' tasting counters everywhere. Not suitable for sparkling wine though.

Drip Free Pourers

These usually come in a pack of five, though they are reusable. They consist of a flexible disc. You roll up the disc, insert into the bottle neck and pour with no more drips!