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Premium Events-For That Extra Special Experience

Choose from our Premium Wine Tasting Events in Manchester:

These indulgent events involve a luxury tasting. Some include  speciality wines, others food and wine matching. We are developing new ideas all the time, so keep calling back to see what's new. You are sure to find lots of Manchester wine tasting inspiration among our Premium Wine Courses.

Here's some food for thought! How about the heavenly combination of cheese and wine-it alway goes down well. Savour cheeses from around the world (and Lancashire!). Or match the suberb cheeses of France with their fantastic local wines. Find out more about our Cheese and Wine Tasting Manchester Event. 

​New for 2019 Charcuterie and Wine Tasting. We match some flavoursome cured meats and sausage with tasty wines from all over the world.

Are you a gin lover? Taste some delicious craft gins and find out about botanicals and how they are used. Experiment with a range of mixers and garnishes. Find out the flavours you enjoy the most. See The Gin Tasting details on this page.

Choose From The Selection Below​

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Do you love your wine? Do you love your Cheese? What could be better than enjoying two of life's culinary pleasures together? You are invited to our wine and cheese tasting evening to discover that finding the perfect match can be a delicious endeavour! 

Come along and you can explore with us some delicious cheese and wine pairings. Enjoy six different cheese and wine matches. We have broken down the art of cheese and wine pairing so you can successfully create your own blends at home.

French Wine and Cheese Tasting

Cheese and wine tasting Manchester

Cheese and wine tasting Manchester

The French take great pride in their rich cheese history and as with wine there is a whole system to protect its authenticity.  As a cheese-lover this means that France has a vast variety of delicious cheeses for you to savour.

On our extremely popular evenings we match six carefully selected wines with our inspired choice of artisan cheeses. Finding your perfect match is a delicious endeavour.

Join us at our cheese and wine tasting in Manchester to find your​ perfect match of cheese and wine. Explore with us a range of delicious French cheeses as we match them with some Classic French wines.

Whisky Tasting Experience

This tasting will be a delight for all whisky lovers and will make a wonderful gift.
Sample six different delicious whiskies from around the world, each with their own unique flavour and complexity.

From single malt Scotch to sweet sticky Bourbon you will taste a range of flavours to excite your palate.

Gin Tasting Experience

Gin glorious gin. The perfect evening for all you gin lovers.
Whether you are a "Botanical Expert" or just want to learn more about the wonderful variety of flavours .

You will taste six different gins and get to experiment with mixers and garnishes. Find your own favourite concoction.

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