WSET Level 1 Sake Revision

Level 1 Sake

4 Modules 32 Lessons Level 1

About this course

A wealth of resources, exam style questions and quizzes designed to help students get the best possible results.

Find out what you really know about Sake, and, More importantly, what you need to learn to pass the exam.

The plan is to study each chapter one at a time and then tackle our questions. Or try the quick True or False questions.





These are OUR questions and are not WSET exam questions. They are designed as a study aid by breaking up the course material into bite size pieces.

All material ©Northern Wine School

Course Structure

12 Lessons

Level 1 Sake End of Chapter 'Test your Knowledge' Questions

This module contains interactive multi-choice questions similar to those you will encounter in WSET exams.

It has the questions arranged section by section in order corresponding to the study guide.

After you have studied the relevant chapter,work through these one at a time to aid your revision.

They will highlight any weaker areas of understanding that you need to concentrate on.

Return to do them again when you have finished the course to help your revision in the days before the exam.

Please note that these are OUR exams and not copied from WSET.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 1 What is Sake?

Questions based on the first part of the study guide.

Read the pages carefully, then check that you have understood and remembered.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 2 How is Sake made?

Part 2. Read the information in the book and then give the quiz a go.

Try it as many times as you like, repetion is good for learning.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 3 Categories and grades of Sake

After reading the study guide, try the questions.

Read thoroughly and try to retain the knowledge.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 4 An introduction to tasting Sake

More to learn here.This is mostly about tasting, but these questions will help to guide you through the process.

Make sure you study the chapter before you try the tasting.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 5 Preparing steamed white rice

Read this part of the study guide.There are some important facts to remember here.

Then try the questions to see how well you can remember them.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 6 Making Koji

This is an important chapter. Read it carefully so that you are able to complete the quiz.

Try the test several times to reinforce your knowledge.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 7 Fermentation

Some more questions to answer here about fermentation.

Make sure you read the chapter thoroughly before you try the quiz.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 8 Premium Sake revisited.

This is a revision section which is trying to simplify the information you have already studied.

Try to learn the table off by heart, then try the questions.

If you feel you could do better, then do the test again.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 9 Japanese labelling terms

 Try to learn these symbols off by heart.When you have done so, do the test.

Make sure you study the information thoroughly if you want to get a good result. You can do this quiz as many times as you like, repetion is the key to memory.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 10 Speciality styles of sake

First read the Chapter, There is a lot of detailed information here.Try to remember it all, then try the quiz.

Take your time and consider each answer carefully.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 11 Storage and service of Sake

There is a lot to remember in this section, so read carefully.

Then, and only then should you try the questions.

Level 1 Sake Chapter 12 Sake and Food.

Last chapter of the study guide.

When you have read the section, try the last test.

4 Lessons

Level 1 Sake Full Exam Style Question Sets


This module contains interactive multi choice questions from right across the Level 1 Sake curriculum, similar to those you will face in the WSET exam.

It has several sets of mock exams of 30 questions. At the end of each test click submit to see your results straight away.

Although they are our questions, not taken from WSET we feel they give a good indication of what to expect.

Level 1 Sake Full exam set A

The first full set of questions to challenge you.

See how well you have remembered the course.

Level 1 Sake Full Exam Set B

Try this set of 30 questions covering the entire curriculum.

If you do not achieve a good result, you can always try the quiz a second time.

Level 1 Sake Full Exam Set C

Questions from across the whole course here.

You need to have studied everything before you can expect to score a high mark.

Level 1 Sake Full Exam Set D

Another chance here to test your knowledge across the entire subject at level 1.

Take your time and make particular note of any questions you get wrong. There are 30 questions to tackle.

3 Lessons

Level 1 Sake True or False

A series of Statements. You decide whether they are true or not.

This is an effective and quick way to check your level of knowledge.

Level 1 Sake True or False 1

Make up your mind. Is the sentence true or false?

Try this several times if it helps.

Level 1 Sake True or False 2

Read the statement carefully. Do you think it is correct?

Doing these quizzes will help you to memorise the facts.

Level 1 Sake True or False 3

What do you think? Is the statement right or not?

Consider it thoughtfully before you choose the answer.

13 Lessons

Level 1 Sake Worksheets

A collection of different exercises to help with your revision.

A more practical set of challenges designed to give variety to the learning process, with worksheets to download.

Keep the sheets afterwards as they will provide you with a library of revision notes.

Level 1 Sake Kanji Symbols 1

A worksheet to help you remember the different Japanese labels for the main types of Sake.

Do this sheet again and again to commit it to memory.

Level 1 Sake Kanji Symbols 2

Another activity to aid your memory.

Download the worksheet and use your knowledge to match the symbols to the names.

Level 1 Sake Flashcards Set 1

Match the name of the Premium Sake to its description.

 Do this by cutting up the worksheet and rearranging the pieces. Once you have the right answer, write the name on the back of the description and keep the set for future reference.

Level 1 Sake Flashcards Set 2

Another set of flashcards to help you remember the details of Premium Sakes.

Again the best way to use this is to print out the worksheet,  cut up the individual boxes and rearrange them correctly.

Once you have done this, write down the right answers on the back of each oneto remind you next time.

Level 1 Sake Flashcards Set 3

Try to match these sets of cards showing Japanese words.

Just cut up the worksheet to make it easy to pair up the words to their different meanings.

It might be a good idea to mark the cards when you have got the answers right. Then keep them to refer back to at a later date.

Level 1 Sake Flashcards Set 4

A set of flashcards to help you remember the Japanese words.

Referring to these regularly will really help you to remember them.

Level 1 Sake Flashcards Set 5

Use these flashcards of the different polishing ratios as you have done before.

Match the Premium Sake to the correct percentage.

Keep the pieces and write the answers on the back. This way you can use them again and again.

That's how you will remember the information.


Level 1 Sake Flashcards Preparing Rice Set 6

Use these flashcards to help you learn the correct sequence for rice preparation.

It is important to remember the details in the right order.

Level 1 Sake Flashcards Order for Making Sake Set 7

You need to remember the right order of the stages for making Sake.

These flashcards will help to clarify the details of the correct sequence.

Level 1 Sake Japanese Words Worksheet

A downloadable worksheet to test your knowledge of some important Japanese Sake words.

Make sure you know each one, it's meaning and how to spell it correctly

Level 1 Sake Wordsearch

A wordsearch for you to download.

Find the 16 Japanese words all to do with Sake.This puzzle will help you to remember them and how they are spelt.

Level 1 Sake Anagrams 1

A puzzle to solve here for some light relief.

But still a valuable learning tool which will aid your powers of retention. Down load the worksheets.

Level 1 Sake Anagrams 2

Some more light relief with these anagram puzzles.

But make no mistake they will really be helping you to remember key facts.