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Try Our Academy FOR FREE! A series of exam style questions, quizzes and video to show YOU what's available if you join. They are a great way to help you revise for your WSET exam, whatever the level.

They can also help you to understand what level of knowledge you are currently at, and what you need to know to pass the exam.

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Course Structure

WSET Level 1 Wines FREE Sample Quiz

A selection of five questions from more than 300 available to members. Do the quiz and see your results straight away

WSET Level 1 Spirits FREE Sample Quiz

Try these five questions and see how you get on. Remember there are loads more of these available to members of The Academy!

WSET Level 2 Wines FREE Sample Quiz

Five questions taken from literally hundreds available to our members of The Academy!

WSET Level 2 Spirits FREE Sample Quiz

Five question here for you to try from the many more available when YOU join The Academy!

WSET Level 3 Wines FREE Sample Quiz

Just a very small sample of the huge number of questions available to Academy Members!

Level 1 Wines: Named Wines Missing Words

Do you know the country of origin and characteristics of these famous named wines?

WSET Level 2 Spirits FREE Sample Calvados Flashcards

Flashcards to download to use to reinforce your learning. Easily the best way for keen learners to study and retain factual knowledge.

Level 2 Wines Simplifying Bordeaux Wine Labels (Video & download quiz)

Our help for students to make sense of the sometimes confusing labels on Bordeaux wine bottles. Questions with answers included.

Spirits/Raw Materials Wordsearch

Do you know the names of the best known spirits, where they come from and their raw material? Try this wordsearch and quiz to test your knowledge. Download the answer sheet to see how you got on.

Level 1 Spirits True or False 1

Can you recognise which statements are correct and which are false.

Test yourself here.