Wine is one of the most enjoyable, yet confusing and perplexing drinks. What does all that information mean on the label? What will I be getting? What does it pair, or potentially clash with? Find out all this and more with owner of Northern Wine School & Certified Wine Educator, John Callow DipWSET FWS.

Find your perfect match and decode those indecisipherable wine labels with two special tastings during the Wine and Spirit Education Trust's Wine Education Week.

Available to attend in Manchester as standalone events for £15 each, or a special price  of £25 for both. LIMITED TICKETS AVAILABLE- SO BOOK NOW!

WSET Wine Education Week

​Finding the Perfect Match

Explore how the key components in food- Acidity, salt and sweetness- impact the way we taste wine. Learn some easy rules of thumb skills that can be applied to any menu, wine list or home cooked meal.

​Deciphering wine labels

E​ver panic about buying 'the wrong wine?' Fear not! Discover how to judge the contents of a bottle, without even opening it! Learn how to decode the wine lingo, and gain the confidence to find the flavours you are looking for.

Charcuterie & Wine Tasting

​Finding the perfect match

​11/09/19 6.45-7.45pm

​Deciphering wine labels

​12/09/19 6.45-7.45pm

​​Attend both evenings

Special rate £25