How to Store Wine Properly at Home

Firstly, let’s start by saying that ALL wine has a shelf life. Even expensive examples from the best vintages aren’t immortal. If you’re unsure about your wine, it’s worth doing a quick internet search on the producer and vintage or asking your wine merchant for advice. Why do you need to store wine correctly? As […]

Job Vacancy: Freelance Wine & Spirits Tasting Presenter, Manchester

Vacancy: Freelance Wine & Spirits Tasting Presenter Rates of pay ranging from £100.00 to £150.00 per event (usually around 4-7 hours work including set up, hosting & clearing away time) plus potential further training opportunities. This role would especially suit those already in the wine trade looking to boost their income and who already have […]

House party hosting: The basic rules

As we all know, the high-street has become a difficult place for pubs to survive on. Once upon a time they were dotted around on most corners – and the majority of neighborhoods in the land had one on their doorstep. Then, economic issues started to squeeze them away. It means that more and more […]

Advanced Sake Sommelier Course, Japan February 2019

Tuesday 12th February Trip to Gekkeikan Sake brewery, Japan’s biggest producer and exporter. Essentially a giant industrial complex. Our guide kept referring to it as ‘factory,’ rather than a  brewery. Sake was produced on a huge scale, mostly for domestic consumption at this site. Everything was automated- from the rice steaming, Koji making to the […]