taxes photoMuch of The Price of a Bottle of Wine Consists of Duty and Taxes!

Our top tip is to pay a little extra for your wine here in the UK. That way you normally will get better wine for your money. No matter what you pay for your wine the same amount of tax is taken.

So very little of a bottle of cheap wine is paying for what’s inside!

You pay as much duty on a £3.99 bottle of wine as on one costing say £7.99 so it stands to reason that the more expensive wine should have a larger amount of good quality content. A quick look at the prices charged by Majestic Wines in their UK stores and those levied in their outlets in Calais for the same product will demonstrate this.

French wine taxes are much lower than ours and so the prices of the same or similar products in their French stores is much less than here. By the time that the taxes, shipping and bottling costs have been taken from that £3.99 bottle you can see that there is precious little left to cover the wine in it.

Photo by 401(K) 2013