Want to create a Christmas lunch that is guaranteed to impress? It’s all in the wine! We’ve put together the perfect list of wines to pair with every meal throughout Christmas Day to keep your guests amazed.


Many of these are rich, indulgent pastry-based affairs. A good fizz is perfect for these, as the acidity cuts through this and cleanses the palate. Sparkling wines are also a great way to get any party started. Here are a few ideas to suit every budget:

Sainsbury’s Taste The Difference Blanc de Noirs Champagne NV. 12%abv, £21.

A rich, aged ‘multi vintage’ sparkling wine made from red grapes Pinot Noir and Meunier. Only time and the ‘Traditional Method’ of making sparkling wine rewards you with these unique flavours. Aromas and flavours of bruised orchard and red berry fruits with a pastry/brioche richness. This wine has soft, creamy bubbles and mouth-watering acidity.

Bouvet Ladubay Brut, Saumur NV. 12.5%abv. Majestic Wine, £13.99

Crémant is the name for sparkling wines made in the ‘traditional method.’  They are made from local grapes and can offer excellent value for money The Loire is the biggest producer of these, and the town of Saumur specialises in it. This classy example has notes of apple, pear, white flowers with a soft, creamy mousse.

ThinK Organic Vegan Prosecco. 11%abv, £12.60

Made from Glera, a distinctive aromatic grape variety. This comes from the higher quality, hillside vineyards of the Treviso region in northeast Italy. A soft, creamy mousse with delicate aromas of stonefruit, white flowers & pear.


The main event

There’s usually a lot of flavours going on here, and not everyone wants the same roast centrepiece so we’ve done our best to select some good all-rounders that can keep up with the flavour party!

Turkey with cranberry sauce & all the trimmings:

Louis Latour ‘Grand Ardèche’ Chardonnay. 13.5%abv. Majestic Wine, £13.99

From an under the radar mountainous area in between the northern and southern Rhone wine regions, this is a Burgundy beater at a fantastic price. Rich, buttery & creamy with toasted oak and ripe orchard and stone fruit flavours.

Specially Selected Fleurie. 13%abv. Aldi, £7.99

From one of the Beaujolais ‘Cru’ village vineyards. This delightful light, fresh red wine has juicy red berry character and hints of spice that make a great contrast to cranberry sauce and stuffing.

Roast beef:

Yalumba ‘Cigar’ Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon. 14.5%abv. Majestic Wine, £25.99.

The ‘Terra Rossa’ red soils of the Coonawarra in South Australia gives this wine a distinctive, enticing nose of blackcurrant and menthol. Delicious flavours of red and black fruits. The silky smooth tannins and crisp acidity of Cabernet Sauvignon will make the beef melt in your mouth.

Denbies Redlands Pinot Noir. 12%abv. Waitrose, £12.99.

A juicy English Pinot Noir from the sunny slopes of Surrey. Perfumed fresh, crunchy red berry character, with a hint of sweet spice.

Multi bird roasts/Goose:

Yalumba The Y Series Viognier. 13.5%abv. ASDA, £8.

This rich textured white from Australia has flavours of stone fruits, white flowers and ripe citrus. Accompanies strong flavoured meats well, with a fresh minerally finish.

Faldeos Nevados Torrontés. 13%abv. Wine Society, £8.50.

An aromatic specialty of Argentina. This is one of the few wines that smells like grapes! Ripe orange & grapefruit, peach and candied fruits with a fresh, zingy finish.


To finish

Mince pies, Christmas pudding and cheese:

Campbells Rutherglen Muscat. 17.5%abv. Waitrose, £12.99.

A unique sweet, fortified wine made in Victoria province in Australia from White Muscat grapes. The wines are aged in barrels of various sizes in extremes of outback temperatures, giving oxidised aromas and flavours of raisins, coffee, toffee, walnut, candied peel and fruit cake.

Graham’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port. 20% abv. Amazon, £35.

Made by taking the fortified red wine and ageing it for prolonged periods in large, old oak barrels. The wine slowly oxidises, creating baked fruit and spice aromas. The longer it is left, the more intense it becomes. Flavours of raisins, dried figs and prune, walnut, coffee and dark chocolate.