Northern Wine School Gift Guide

​Welcome to The Northern Wine School Gift Guide! Now that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done and dusted & you still haven’t got those important presents for special people? We have some inspiration for you. Here are some ideas we’ve gathered together to make buying for your loved ones so much easier. Experiences are […]

Back to School Offer-Manchester Wine Tasting

​Try The Discovery Course-Bargain Price ​If you’ve never been to a Wine Tasting before-our Discovery Event is the course for you! To tempt you further we’ve got this great offer on our September dates. If you use the code 25NWS at checkout you’ll get tickets for only £17.25pp instead of the usual £23! ​What To Expect on […]

Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester

Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester We’re delighted to announce our new event-French Wine & Cheese tasting We would love to treat you to the heavenly combination of French Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester. Which delicious wine goes with which fantastic cheese? You will have the chance to find out at our new French wine and […]

Food and Wine Matching

It’s Really Simple… Opinions vary about which wines to match with certain foods. Some of it is down to personal taste, although it’s true that particular flavours bring out the best in each other. Some wines are definitely more food friendly than others. Food and wine matching Manchester Food and Wine Matching at our Manchester […]