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A sample of exam-style questions, quizzes and tests to show YOU what's available if you buy the Study Guide. They are a great way to help you revise for your WSET 1  Spirits exam.

They can also help you to understand what level of knowledge you are currently at, and what you need to know to pass the exam.

They are not based on or copied from WSET exams, but have been designed by Northern Wine School Educators to be used alongside the relevant WSET study guide.

These lessons give you the chance to practise and pinpoint the critical areas of the curriculum you may need to concentrate on.

There are a variety of activities, some online and interactive, some pencil and paper, some more fun based because we know students learn in different ways.

Completing them will consolidate and speed up your learning, help your revision and enable you to gain the grade you deserve.

There is no substitute for hard work. We offer revision opportunities. You can take the tests as many times as you like, when you like, but the hard work must be yours.

Good luck!

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WSET Level 1 Spirits FREE Sample Quiz

Many of the WSET exams contain multiple choice questions like these. Practice makes perfect. See how well you can do.

Try these five questions and see how you get on. Remember there are loads more of these available for you to try when you buy the Study Guide!

WSET Level 1 Spirits True or False 1

An interactive quiz to test your knowledge.Get the answer right away.

Make a quick judgement about this statement. Is it True or False?

Doing these sets of questions will help you to build up a store of relevant and accurate information.

You can try the test as many times as you like. Repetition is key to memory.

WSET Level 1 Spirits Spirits/Raw Materials Wordsearch

Do you know the names of the best known spirits, where they come from and their raw material?

Try this wordsearch and quiz to test your knowledge. Download the answer sheet to see how you got on.