WSET Level 2 Spirits | Manchester

This course is great if you’re new to spirits: whether for your career or just interested. More detail on types, styles and production processes than Level 1, but you do not need to have taken the Level 1 before.


The course ends in an exam which must be taken in person in Manchester. It is a 1 hour, 50 question multiple-choice exam and you must score 55% or above  to pass. Those who pass will get a certificate and lapel pin. Oh, by the way: we have a 100% pass rate!

You will be sent the WSET Spirits 2 Study Guide, a manual and SAT tasting card. The classes also include the recommended tasting samples for you to try.




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Dates From: November 9, 2021



The Castlefield Hotel

Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4JR

Course dates

November 9, 2021
November 9, 2021
November 16, 2021
November 23, 2021

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We’re really into wine, into spirits & into sake. We love all of them. Luckily.

Liverpool Road                Manchester                                        M3 4JR

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