WSET Level 1 Beer | Manchester

This course is great if you’re new to beer: whether for your career or just interested. You are taught everything you need to know in 1 day. The course ends with a paper based exam in the afternoon.


The WSET Level 1 Award in Beer provides a great introduction to the world of beer. Learning though sight, smell and taste, you’ll become familiar with a range of beer styles and how they are made.

If you work with beer, you’ll be able to answer customer queries with confidence and provide helpful recommendations. If you’re learning for fun, you’ll feel inspired to explore new styles and know how to get the most out of every glass.

What’s covered?

  • The main ingredients used to make beer: malt and other sugar sources, water, hops, yeast.
  • The main production steps used to make beer: malting, brewing
  • The principles of successful beer storage, service and food pairing.
  • Beer storage and service: keeping beer fresh, glassware, pouring keg beer, opening and pouring bottled beer, service temperature.
  • Common beer faults: staling, light strike (skunking), bacterial infection.
  • Food and beer: Preferences, sensitivities, interactions, application and other considerations.
  • The characteristics of a range of key beer styles:


Malt-driven styles: American or international pale lager, Munich helles, Blonde ale, Munich dunkel, Brown ale, Porter and stout, Barley wine.

Hop-driven styles: Traditional Czech or German pilsner, Bitter, American pale ale, American IPA, Hazy IPA
Yeast driven styles: Weissbier, Dubbel, Tripel, Saison, Witbier
Sour styles: Berliner weisse, Geuze (gueuze)

You’ll taste at least 10 beers covering a range of styles.

The course ends in an exam which must be taken in person on the day. It is a 30 question multiple-choice exam and you must score 70% (21 marks out of 30) or above to pass.

Don’t worry, you will be taught everything you need to know by your expert tutor! Those who pass will get a certificate and lapel pin. 

Classroom times: 10am-5.30pm.

To find out more about the course, what you will be studying & the exam, you can read the course specification document here


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Northern Wine School HQ

Suite 4b, 113-115 Portland Street, Manchester M1 6DW

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