Wine Faults

Whether you’re a wine pro, studying this amazing drink or a fan who would like to understand more, one of our Nez du Vin kits might be just the thing for you. They also make for really good fun quizzes.


This kit lets you identify the twelve faults most commonly found in wine; whether it’s corked, oxidised or shows reduction.

They are: [1] Vegetal, [2] Rotten apple, [3] Vinegar, [4] Glue, [5] Soap, [6] Sulphur, [7] Rotten egg, [8] Onion, [9] Cauliflower, [10] Horse, [11] Mouldy-earthy, [12] Cork.

Take your knowledge to the next level or curate an extraordinary quiz for your next dinner party guests.


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