Wine Duo

Whether you’re a wine pro, studying this amazing drink or a fan who would like to understand more, one of our Nez du Vin kits might be just the thing for you. They also make for really good fun quizzes.


24 aromas for you to learn – all common in red wines and white wines (including Champagne).
12 white wine aromas.
Fruity notes: [1] Lemon, [2] Grapefruit, [4] Pineapple, [6] Lychee, [8] Muscat, [10] Pear.
Floral notes: [24] Hawthorn, [27] Honey.

Vegetal note: [37] Boxwood (or Blackcurrant Bud).
Animal note: [47] Butter.
Roasted notes: [48] Toast, [50] Roasted Hazelnut.
12 red wine aromas.

Fruity notes: [12] Strawberry, [13] Raspberry, [15] Blackcurrant, [17] Blackberry, [18] Cherry. Floral note: [29] Violet.
Vegetal notes: [30] Bell Pepper/Capsicum, [32] Truffle, [36] Liquorice, [40] Vanilla, [43] Pepper. Roasted note: [54] Smoky Note.

This kit also comes with three booklets: one about smell and taste and then two about white wines and red wines to show how in both the New and Old Worlds, the 24 key aromas reflect grape varieties and vineyards.


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