Rediscover Rioja Wine Tasting Manchester

Rioja is well known for its fine, barrel & bottle aged red wines. There’s a whole lot more to the region’s wines though, come and discover them with Certified Rioja Wines Educator, John Callow DipWSET. We’ll taste whites, reds, rose & maybe some sparkling wines too!


Rioja is a famous name in the wine world, but is often only associated with its fantastic quality aged red wines. Come on a tour of discovery with John Callow DipWSET, founder of Northern Wine School & Certified Rioja Wines Educator, and experience some of the other hidden wine gems the region has to offer.


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Dates From: October 28, 2022

From: £45.00

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Suite 4b 113-115 Portland Street

Portland Street

Potland Street, Manchester

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Suite 4b

113-115 Portland Street


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