Gin Tasting - Castlefield Hotel, Manchester

Six specially selected gins paired with some interesting mixers, topped with accompanying garnish. Welcome to the wonderful world of gin tasting, led by your friendly expert guide!


Castlefield Hotel, Manchester
Castelfield Hotel, Liverpool Road, Manchester
Opposite the famous Castlefield Bowl Arena and Museum of Science and Industry in the historic Castlefield district of Manchester. A short walk from Deansgate Castlefield tram and train station very easy  to get to.

The hotel is a charitable social enterprise, owned by the Manchester YMCA. So by attending our events here, you’re helping their work with the health and well being of disadvantaged young people across the region. Drink and feel good about it!


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Dates From: September 10, 2021

Start Time: 7:00 pm

Finish Time: 9:00 pm

From: £40.00

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We’re really into wine, into spirits & into sake. We love all of them. Luckily.

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