Discover Wine Course – Wine Tasting Manchester

Delve into the mystery of wine. Our friendly wine aficionado will guide your through the basics of wine and the secrets to food and wine pairing; you’ll leave with the skills and confidence to make great choices.


Northern Wine School HQ
113 Portland Street, Manchester M1 6DW


Friday sessions: 7-9pm.
Saturday sessions: 2-4pm.

Let us help you unravel the sometimes baffling, complex world of wine.

You’ll learn how wine is made, and how the effect of climate, grape variety & winemaking affect what you experience in the bottle.

You’ll also get involved in an interactive food and wine matching workshop, so you’ll leave the session a true pro and appreciate your favourite tipple even more!


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Dates From: August 9, 2024

From: £35.00

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113 Portland Street, Manchester

Northern Wine School HQ

113 Portland Street, Manchester