Certified Sake Sommelier

A comprehensive 2 week course covering all aspects of the world of Sake. From history & culture, to production, styles, professional tasting technique, service & food matching. No prior knowledge or qualifications are required.


A detailed, two week course led by a Certified Sake Sommelier.

At least 15 different tasting samples, covering a range of styles including Junmai, Honjozo, Namazake, Koshu, a premium Ginjo and Daiginjo.

Participants will take a 1 hour exam in the final week, that includes a practical blind tasting and 40 question multiple choice paper.

Successful candidates receive a certificate and pin badge from the Sake Sommelier Academy, and right to use Certified Sake Sommelier post nominal.



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Dates From: July 19, 2021

From: £495.00

Course dates

July 19, 2021
July 19, 2021
July 26, 2021

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