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Cheese and Wine Tasting Manchester

Love Cheese and Wine?

What could be better than enjoying two of life’s culinary pleasures together? Join us for our Manchester wine and cheese tasting.

We’re talking about wine and cheese of course.

On our extremely popular evenings we match six carefully selected wines with our inspired choice of artisan cheeses. Finding your perfect match is a delicious endeavour. These evenings make one of our most popular gifts.

Join Us in Manchester

Join us at our wine and cheese tasting in Manchester to find your perfect match of cheese and wine. Explore with us a range of delicious cheeses as we match them with some quality wines.

To enhance your enjoyment, we will select wines from all over  the world, both red and white to complement the flavour of the cheese.

You will also enjoy a tempting range of nuts, grapes, crackers, chutney and crudites to complete your cheeseboard.

Your Cheese Board, Wine and Cheese Tasting Manchester

French Wine & Cheese Tasting Course Dates

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Friday July 31st 2020

Castlefield Hotel, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4JR

 Price: £35pp

Wine & Cheese Tasting Course Dates

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Friday July 17th 2020

Castlefield Hotel, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4JR

 Price: £35pp

Friday September 4th 2020

Castlefield Hotel, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4JR

 Price: £35pp

I was given a Cheese and Wine tasting experience for my Mothers' Day present and went with a friend on the 27th July. It was a fabulous evening as we learnt some basics of wine tasting, including about different grapes, climates and terroir and production methods. Then we tasted 6 wines matched with 6 different (and delicious) cheeses. John from Northern Wine School is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and created a relaxed and fun atmosphere. He was happy to go into more detail for those who were interested and to answer any questions. We met some lovely people and there was nothing pretentious about the evening. It was all about enjoyment. And I learnt lots! German Riesling and Garstang Blue cheese? Who would have thought that would work but it does! Sadly I can only eat Comté with Champagne now!! One tip: don't have a big meal beforehand; there's loads of cheese, bread and crackers to feast on! Wonderful experience, highly recommended. Thanks, John. Susan Dodd

What can you expect on the night?

A Feast of Fromage

Gruyère – The “Champagne of cheeses” is rooted in a region that gives it a unique flavour and character. At first fruity then nutty & earthy.

French Goat’s Cheese – Mild & creamy – we’ll serve this with some fig chutney as they do in nearly every restaurant in The Loire

Garstang Blue – made by Dewlay’s Creamery in Garstang. This is a milder style of blue cheese which is rich and mellow with a smooth creamy texture.

Mrs Kirkham’s Traditional Lancashire –  This hand made cheese has a buttery yoghurty flavour with a fluffy texture that melts in the mouth.

Manchego mildly gamey full of hazel-nutty sweetness, this mild aged  sheep’s cheese often found as part of a Tapas feast across Spain.

Artisan Mature Cheddar tangy savoury and strong with a long finish. Has complex flavours and a gentle creamy mouthfeel.

The Wine List

Champagne – of course sumptuous, rich, toasty, heavily Pinot Noir based.

A Sauvignon Blanc – from Eastern Loire or maybe New Zealand. Its fresh green fruit flavours will enhance the velvety cheese.

A Riesling – the ultimate food-friendly wine, its natural sweetness & fragrance complements the subtle tang of the blue cheese.

Beaujolais a light and pleasantly fruity wine with aromas of cherry, strawberry & raspberry brings out the delicacy of this cheese.

Rioja well what else? It’s soft silky tannins, oak spice and savoury flavours emphasise this delicious “Umami” mature cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon the classic red whether from Bordeaux, South Africa, Australia or California. Deep ruby red with intense blackcurrant flavours.