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French Cheese and Wine Tasting Manchester

Nothing says “Joie de Vivre” like French wine and cheese. At our new cheese and wine tasting Manchester event you can enjoy a taste of this heavenly combination.

Rich cheese and wine history

The French take great pride in their rich cheese history and as with wine there is a whole system to protect its authenticity. The AOC guards the traditional methods of cheese-making and the designation of origin is fiercely defended. As a cheese-lover this means that France has a vast variety of delicious cheeses for you to savour. This evening makes a terrific gift for someone special.

French Cheese and Wine Tasting Manchester

French Cheese and Wine Tasting Manchester

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Friday February 28th 2020

The Castlefield Hotel, Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4JR

Price: £35pp

Friday May 15th 2020

The Castlefield Hotel, Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4JR

Price: £35pp

Absolutely brilliant night at the cheese and wine pairing, got to understand how the wines are made, compare colours, body etc plus matched up with different cheeses. Really nice group of people as well, really enjoyed it and now want to try the sparkling wine session!! Joanne Lord-Birchall
Wine Tasting Manchester with French Wine and Cheeeses

What to expect at your Cheese and Wine Tasting Manchester evening

With such a huge variety of French cheeses to choose from it’s difficult to select only six. The choice will be made near the time on the basis of availability. You can be sure that the cheeses will include a wide range of fine examples-pressed, soft and blue. We will showcase the different types of milk used in France, including cow, goat and ewe’s milk.

Served with a selection of crackers, bread, nuts, fruit, honey and garnishes.

Possible Cheese Selections:

Pressed or Hard Cheeses

  • Comté-delicious cousin of Swiss Gruyére from Eastern France.
  • Reblochon-a rich cheese with a strong flavour and creamy texture. Made in The Alps.
  • Cantal-a cheese that is quite close to our Cheddar. From The Auvergne mountains.
  • Tomme des Pyrénées-a mild cheese with a distinctive black skin.

Soft Cheeses

  • Brie de Meaux-a mild creamy cheese made to The East of Paris.
  • Camembert-a strong ripe cheese from Normandy.
  • Epoisses-a fairly strong rind-washed cheese from The Burgundy region.
  • Pont l’Evèque-a soft creamy cheese one of the oldest in France.
  • French goat’s cheese., white and creamy with an unmistakenly strong taste.

Blue Cheeses

  • Roquefort-matured in caves in the mountains of Southern France.
  • Fourme d’Ambert-a mild blue cheese from The Auvergne with a nutty flavour.

Possible Wine Selections:

Traditionally it has been a given that only red wine goes best with cheese. Here at Northern Wine School we believe that the best wine is the one YOU love. We will offer you a wide range across the six chosen wines including white and sparkling as well as red. Discover the combination you prefer. However we do believe that a local wine will go well with its local cheese.

For example a  Gewürztraminer with Brie or a Sauvignon Blanc with goats cheese.