White Wine

ASDA Extra Special Rueda Verdejo 2015, £5.48

ASDA Extra Special Rueda Verdejo 2015

ASDA Extra Special Rueda Verdejo 2015

The Rueda region, north west of Madrid is where winemakers are creating increasingly exciting and deliciously smooth wines from the little known Verdejo grape. This high plateau area with cold winters and hot summers is perfect for ripening grapes with full flavour, whilst preserving freshness of acidity. Much fleshier, less expensive and in my opinion, more exciting, than its more famous neighbour Albariño from Galicia. Substantial enough to stand up to many richer dishes. Vibrant peachy stonefruit and citrus taste. If you like Sauvignon Blanc and are looking for an alternative, try this.

Red Wine

Marqués de Mejía Rioja 2015, £6.49 The Wine Society

A little known Rioja style, this unaged ‘Joven,’ displays the purity of the grapes well. Crunchy red and black fruits, with a hint of spice and just a faint whiff of vanilla and sweet spice. A fantastic wine to appreciate as just a glass of on its own, or with a simple meal like chilli or Spaghetti Bolognese.

Marqués de Mejía Rioja

Marqués de Mejía Rioja

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