White Wine

Definition Series Chenin Blanc, South Africa. Majestic, £12.99.

Majestic Definition Chenin Blanc

Majestic Definition Chenin Blanc

A good example of the style you can achieve from Chenin Blanc, when wine makers aren't trying to squeeze as many grapes out of their vines as possible. Green apple and citrus, with a honeyed nose. Delicious stone and tropical fruit on the palate, with a hint of sweet spice from a touch of oak.

Red Wine

Errazuriz Coastal Series Pinot Noir, Chile. Waitrose, £10.99.

Pinot Noir at a reasonable price point is quite hard to pull off. It's either cheap, weak and insipid or jammy and powerful from the New Zealand/very earthy and expensive from Burgundy for the best expressions. Chile is an amenable home to this grape. This wine falls some where between the two, for more accessible cost. Perfumed red berry fruits, with a touch of earthiness and floral character. 

Errazuriz Coastal Series Pinot Noir

Errazuriz Coastal Series Pinot Noir

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