They are professional glasses that help you assess and appreciate your wine more. Not so we can give out stingy samples!

An ISO Professional Wine Tasting Glass Ready For Use

An ISO Professional Wine Tasting Glass Ready For Use

These are scientific, specially designed glasses that are authenticated and standardised for use in the wine industry around the world. (ISO stands for 'International Standards Organisation', the accrediting body).They are used in places from wineries such as in tasting and blending rooms, to classrooms and wine merchants. They are used by Wine Educators, Sommeliers and other trade professionals at many types of event.

The 'tulip' shape of the glass helps direct aromas to the rim and concentrate them towards your nose. The rounded bowl also leaves plenty of room to swirl the wine, stirring up the more delicate aromas and flavours, without spillage. It also allows you to tilt the glass at an almost 45 degree angle against a white background, so you can fully assess the colour.

The broad stem helps you grip the glass properly, without having to touch the bowl and warm the wine too much. It also helps you stop smearing too much dirt and oil from your hands on the bowl. The glass is very pure, so light is not scattered too much. They are ultra tough, so they survive knocks, clinks and (most importantly!) multiple dish washer cycles.

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