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The Correct Way to Open Your Bottle of Bubbly

We show you how to open your bottle without hitting anyone with a flying cork! The last thing we need is someone getting hurt and that precious liquid being sprayed everywhere. That’s the preserve of Motor Racing podiums.

The opening sound should be a “whisper”- not even a loud pop.

  • ​The bottle should be well chilled.
  • At least three hours in the fridge is required.
  • You can speed the chilling by using an ice bucket holding ice and water.
  • Remove the foil from the bottle top. You can use the blade of a Waiters Friend for this.
  • Place your thumb over the top of the cork.
  • Undo the wire cage. About six turns will be needed.
  • Hold the cork in the palm of your hand. You may like to use a towel as well.
  • Keep the bottle at a 45 degree angle, this helps spread the pressure more evenly.
  • Turn the bottle- not the cork until you feel the cork being released and hear that gentle hiss.

Opening a  Sparkling WineOpening a  Sparkling WineOpening a  Sparkling Wine

Opening a Sparkling Wine

Image courtesy of “A Glass of Bubbly” magazine.

See How Professionals Do It in This Video

This WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) 3 minute video is aimed at restaurant professionals. A lot of it is to do with wine service but the central section shows the bottle opening methods discussed here.

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