As we all know, the high-street has become a difficult place for pubs to survive on.

Once upon a time they were dotted around on most corners – and the majority of neighborhoods in the land had one on their doorstep.

Then, economic issues started to squeeze them away. It means that more and more people are opting to stay in their own four walls – and this is where house parties come into the picture.

Sure, house parties have always existed, but it could be argued that they are now in their peak. Whether you are a student, or a couple inviting the neighborhood around, they are incredibly popular nowadays.

Hosting a good one isn’t easy though, and this is where today’s article will come into play. Let’s now take a look at some of the key tips you should keep in mind as you host your next house party.

Steak and Red Wine Tasting

Parties can be enjoyable rather than stressful if you follow our simple guide!

Don’t be on serving-duty all night

While it might be your house party, this doesn’t mean to say that you should be the bartender all night.

If you fall into said category, there is zero-point in you hosting an event again. After all, where is the enjoyment?

At the same time, unless you have adopted a BYOD policy, guests will need serving. This is where you need them to do things yourself, either by having bottles of beer, pre-poured glasses of Scottish whisky or even glasses of wine on hand.

Sure, as the night goes on supplies may run low and you might need to take action, but at least this ensures that you don’t need to be waiting the entire party for hours upon end.

Provide different start times

What is the worst thing that could happen in a house party? Nobody turning up.

Well, if you happen to have friends who are typically latecomers, this is something that could happen. It’s because of this that the best advice we can offer is to provide different start times to your guests. If you know they tend to be rushing late to each and every social event, tell them that proceedings are kicking off an hour early. Or, if it’s the opposite, tell them it’s later than what it is.

By doing this you can also ensure you have a steady trickle of guests, which can be easier than everyone descending on your household in one, fell swoop.

Be on hand to make introductions

One of the best things about house parties is the atmosphere they can provide – and this is unparallel to any bar that you can find on the high-street.

At the same time, unless your guests all know each other (highly unlikely), you’ll need to put a bit of legwork into proceedings here. You’ll need to be the one who makes introductions and ultimately gets people chatting. Sure, some guests will be more than apt about doing this themselves but on the whole, the onus is on the host to get the party started.