First Sake Sommelier Students Graduate in Manchester

Congratulations to the first group of North West students who successfully passed the “Introductory Sake Professional Course”. Northern Wine School is the first Approved Programme Provider licensed to teach this qualification in the UK, outside of London.

John Callow DipWSET lead educator at Northern Wine School hosted this ground-breaking course.

Many people assume that they should only drink Sake with Japanese food. I really enjoy dispelling this myth by demonstrating the drink’s amazing versatility. Sake has the ability to pair with a wide range of foods from every culture.”

He is so committed to education in this field, that he is travelling to Japan in February next year to take the Advanced Sake Sommelier Course. This will allow him to offer more intensive sake education and become one of the most highly qualified teachers in the country. The next Manchester course is on March 8th 2019 after his return.

Sake is in decline in Japan, so brewers are increasingly looking to international markets. Although still niche, Sake is showing impressive growth in the UK against strong competition from gin and other popular beverages. Younger drinkers are searching out more unique offerings with heritage. Sake’s versatility with food, reasonable prices in comparison to fine wines and ability to mix well in a wide range of cocktails is appealing.

The availability of Japanese rice wine from different breweries with their variety of styles is expanding rapidly. Increasingly restaurants, prestigious wine merchants and up-market department stores, such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, are offering more and more product lines.

The Sake Sommelier Association aims to promote the history, culture and traditions of this wonderful and diverse beverage around the world. They want to show that Sake compares favourably to wines and spirits and is compatible with a wide range of cuisines.



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