WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 17: Questions

Lesson 17 Chapter 1 Module 1

1. Why is Alsace unusual for a French wine region?


2. What is the name of the mountains that shelter the vineyards from the westerly rain bearing winds?


3. The best vineyards lie on the plain between The Vosges foothills and The Rhine:


4. Which of these is NOT an appellation for still wines from Alsace?


5. If grape variety features on the label, what percentage of the grapes MUST be from the main variety?


6. What is the climate of Alsace?


7. What are the four NOBLE grape varieties in Alsace?


8. What does Vendanges Tardives mean?


9. How do SGN wines differ from VT wines?


10. What are blended wines labelled as in Alsace?


11. How do traditional producers ferment their aromatic wines?


12. What is the most widely planted of the NOBLE varieties?


13. Pinot Gris is MORE acidic and LESS aromatic than Gewurztraminer:


14. Which of the Muscat varieties grown in Alsace produce the BEST wines?


15. What is Pinot Blanc widely used for?


16. What is the ONLY black grape permitted in Alsace?