WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 13: Questions

Lesson 13 Chapter 1 Module 1

1. Bordeaux is the smallest appellation region in France in terms of volume and value:


2. What sort of climate does Bordeaux have?


3. Why are most Bordeaux wines produced from a blend of grape varieties?


4. How many grape varieties are permitted under the appellation regulations?


5. What are the three main black grape varieties predominant in Bordeaux?


6. The best red wines from Bordeaux are only made in traditional oak vats:


7. Which are the three predominant white grape varieties in Bordeaux?


8. Which of the white grape varieties is susceptible to noble rot?


9. Which districts make up the area referred to as The Left Bank?


10. To make up for not being included in the 1855 classification, the other Chateaux are allowed to use the classification Cru Bourgeois on every vintage instead:


11. Chateaux included in the 1855 classification are referred to as:


12. In wine making what is a Château?


13. How many different appellations are there in Bordeaux?


14. Bordeaux Superieur has a higher level of alcohol in the final wine than Bordeaux:


15. What are Communes?


16. What is the most highly rated area in Graves?


17. Which wine varieties dominate The Right Bank?


18. Which of these appellations does NOT share the name Côtes de Bordeaux?


19. Where do the best sweet wines in Bordeaux come from?


20. What does Passerillage mean?