WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 2 Part 11: Questions

Lesson 11 Chapter 1 Module 1

1. A reference to which chemical is required to appear on a wine label?


2. What is a GI?


3. If a GI is stated on a label typically at least 85% of the liquid in the bottle must come from that GI:


4. What does PDO stand for?


5. For PDO wines what percentage of the grapes must come from the region stated on the label?


6. Many PDO wines do NOT state the grape variety on the label:


7. What is used in France instead of the French term for PDO?


8. When consumed in moderation alcohol is NOT regarded as harmful to health:


9. How is the legal limit on the amount of alcohol someone can have in their blood when driving a vehicle typically expressed?


10. What is the name of the fixed quantities that alcoholic drinks are typically broken down into as a measurement of safe consumption?