WSET Level 1 Wines

Level 1 Wines. Storage and Service of Wine Set 2

Lesson 6

1. Storing wine incorrectly will not affect the flavour of the wine


2. You should keep wine away from:


3. You should keep wine away from:


4. What happens when the cork dries out in storage?


5. What service temperature is classed as lightly chilled?


6. A sparkling wine should be:


7. Over chilling can mask the flavours in white wines:


8. Which light bodied light wine should be lightly chilled?


9. At what temperature should you serve Châteauneuf-du-Pape?


10. It does not matter what type or size of glass you use to serve wine:


11. What type of glass do white and rosé wines require?


12. Why are red wines best served in a larger sized glass?


13. What type of glasses should sparkling wines be served in?


14. It’s fine to use glasses straight from the dish washer without checking or polishing them:


15. When opening a bottle of sparkling wine: