WSET Level 1 Wines

Level 1 Wines. Wine Types and Styles of Wine Set 2

Lesson 2

1. Many light wines are named after the region where they are produced


2. Which of these is a type of wine?


3. Which of these sets of words describes types of wine?


4. Which of these is an example of a sparkling wine?


5. Wines from New World countries  are often labelled with the name of the grape used


6. Where does tannin come from in the grapes?


7. The sensation of body in a wine is


8. A wine that has been fermented or matured in oak will have flvours of


9. Which of these is an example of a medium-bodied dry red wine?


10. Acidity comes from the grape juice


11. What happens if grapes do not get enough sunlight and heat?


12. Wines from cool climates tend to be


13. Which of these wine making areas can be described as having a hot climate?


14. White Zinfandel from California is a style of dry wine


15. Where does Sauternes come from?