WSET Level 1 Wines

Level 1 Wines. Wine Types and Styles of Wine Set 1

Lesson 1

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1. Which of these is a type of wine?


2. Fortified wine is a type of wine


3. Which of these are the characteristics of light wines?


4. Which of these is an example of a fortified wine?


5. Which of these types of wine could be called light?


6. The colour of a wine comes from


7. Rosé wine is made from pink grapes


8. Which of these terms refers to a style of wine?


9. More sugar in wines makes them seem


10. Acidity makes wines seem


11. What happens to the grapes if there is too much heat and sunlight?


12. The amount of sunlight and heat a region normally gets is known as its climate


13. Which of these wine making areas has a cool climate?


14. Which of these best describes the climate of a wine making region?


15. Knowledge of a region’s climate gives us an idea of the style of wine likely to be made there