WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 43: Questions

Lesson 43 Chapter 1 Module 1

We are studying "Sherry" now so read carefully before attempting our questions.

1. Sherry can only be matured within the city limits of Jerez:


2. What sort of climate has Jerez?


3. What alvariza?


4. How many grape varieties are permitted in Jerez?


5. What grape accounts for the vast majority of planting in Jerez?


6. What are PX and Muscat of Alexandria mainly used for?


7. What is the unusual feature of the regulations that allow PX grapes to be used in the production of sherry?


8. The grapes must reach the press as quickly as possible to avoid oxydation:


9. At what temperature range does fermentation take place?


10. What is the approximate ABV of the dry neutral base wine after fermentation?


11. Wines made from grapes grown in the relatively cooler coastal vineyards or those fermented at lower temperatures are chosen as suitable for oxidative ageing:


12. What is sobre tabla?


13. What is the ideal alcohol strength for the development of flor in biological ageing?


14. Wines for oxidative ageing are fortified to what ABV which causes the flor to die?


15. After picking what happens to grapes destined for naturally sweet wines?


16. Sherry has to be aged in 50L oak barrels called Butts:


17. Why are the Butts only ever 5/6 full?


18. The maturation environment must be kept:


19. What is The Solera?


20. What is flor?


21. What gives biologically aged sherries their unique flavour?


22. Wine taken from the solera systems rarely has an average greater than 3 to 4 years:


23. Which sherry is aged oxidatively after a period of biological ageing?


24. As the water content evaporates with age what does the alcohol level of the oxidative wines rise to?


25. Which sherries do not improve in the bottle and should be consumed as fresh as possible?


26. Which of these is a naturally sweet style of sherry?


27. How many categories of age indicated sherries are there?


28. How is pale cream sherry sweetened?


29. What category refers to a sherry whose average age of the blend is at least 30 years old:


30. Only Amontillado, Palo Cortado, Oloroso and PX can qualify for age indicated status: