WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 42: Questions

Lesson 42 Chapter 1 Module 1

Here we discover "Sparkling Wines of the World". Can you get all or most of our questions right?

1. There is only one appellation in The Champagne region-Champagne AC:


2. In Champagne how is the cru status determined?


3. In a Champagne growing village why isn’t all the land surface area used to grow grapes for Champagne?


4. What sort of climate has Champagne?


5. Even in the warmest years grape sugar levels remain:


6. How do the wine makers minimise the threat of frost?


7. The soils in Champagne are dominated by:


8. What are the three main grape varieties used in the making of Champagne?


9. Why does Meunier predominate in The Vallée de la Marne?


10. Champagne can be made using either the tank method or the traditional method:


11. What is the first liquid to come off the grape press called?


12. Why is blending incredibly important in Champagne?


13. Vintage Champagnes must be aged for a minimum of:


14. Rosé Champagne can only be made in non vintage styles:


15. Blanc de Noirs style is a:


16. How are Crémant wines made?


17. What is the minimum amount of time Crémant must spend on the lees?


18. After Champagne what is the second biggest centre of sparkling wine production in France?


19. Saumur uses what to make its red sparkling wine?


20. What characteristic of Chenin Blanc makes it well suited to make sparkling Vouvray?


21. Cava DO covers a number of different non contiguous geographic areas across Spain:


22. Where does the vast majority of Cava come from?


23. What characteristics do most Cavas have?


24. How is Cava made?


25. Where is Asti DOCG located?


26. What is used to make Asti?


27. All Asti is:


28. The highest quality Prosecco comes from Conegliano and Valdobbiadene:


29. What do the terms Cartizze and Rive indicate?


30. How is Prosecco produced?


31. What is Sekt?


32. Deutscher Sekt is made in Germany using French or Italian base wines:


33. What are the best Deutscher Sekt sparkling wines made from?


34. Australia only makes inexpensive sparkling wines:


35. How are the inexpensive sparkling wines in Australia made?


36. What grape variety are the best sparkling reds typically made from in Australia?


37. What New Zealand wine region produces the highest volume of sparkling wine?


38. What is Méthodé Cap Classique?


39. It is not necessary to be a member of the Cap Classique Producers Association to use the term on the wine label:


40. Which area in The USA produces the vast majority of sparkling wine?