WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 40: Questions

Lesson 40 Chapter 1 Module 1

After studying the "New Zealand" section use the questions as a revision aid. Carefully check any mistakes to see what was wrong.

1. The temperature of South Island, New Zealand is the same as that of North Island:


2. Where do the vineyards of South Island tend to be located?


3. Many of the vineyard areas experience:


4. What is the main problem caused by overly fertile soil?


5. What does Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand aim to do?


6. What is the flagship grape of New Zealand?


7. What are the subtle differences between the flavours of Sauvignon Blanc in The North and South Islands?


8. Some producers make oak matured Sauvignon Blanc styles:


9. What is the most prevalent style of the aromatic Riesling and Gewurztraminer wines of New Zealand?


10. What is the most planted black grape variety in New Zealand?


11. Where is Merlot and Syrah production mainly concentrated?


12. Where did the wine industry in New Zealand begin?


13. Which vineyard area is the warmest and has the longest sunshine hours in The North Island?


14. What has Martinborough built a global reputation for?


15. What is the major centre for grape growing in South Island, New Zealand?


16. Most of The Marlborough vineyards lie in two adjacent estuary valleys: Wairau and Awatere:


17. Where is Central Otago located?


18. What is different about the climate in Central Otago?


19. Where the famous wine region Gimblett Gravels?


20. The intensity of sunlight accounts for the low levels of alcohol that are encountered in Central Otago wines: