WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 38: Questions

Lesson 38 Chapter 1 Module 1

"South Africa" is the chapter heading. Read it, remember it and do the questions.

1. Between which degrees of latitude are the vine growing regions of South Africa?


2. What is the most important cooling influence on the hot vineyard areas?


3. What is The Cape Doctor?


4. Altitude has a marked influence on vineyard climate:


5. In South Africa why may vines be planted on the southern slopes of mountains?


6. What is South Africa’s GI system called?


7. What do WO wines have on the label?


8. Estate wines can use grapes from anywhere in South Africa:


9. What is the most widely planted black grape variety in South Africa?


10. What is Pinot Noir crossed with to make Pinotage?


11. Pinotage was developed in Chile and is now grown all over the world


12. What is the most widely planted variety of either colour?


13. The growing of which grape variety has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades?


14. What is Muscat of Alexandria or Hanepoot used for?


15. What percentage of the wine made in South Africa comes from The Western Cape?


16. Where is The Stellenbosch wine district situated?


17. Which region has some of the oldest vineyards in The Cape?


18. Which large wine growing area North of Cape Town is now a centre of innovation and premium wine production?


19. The Walker Bay district produces some of South Africa’s best Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs:


20. What is much of the white wine from The Worcester district used for?