WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 34: Questions

Lesson 34 Chapter 1 Module 1

Read and digest the information "Oregon, Washington and New York". After you have finished see how many of our questions you can answer correctly.

1. Which of these wine growing states is on The Atlantic seaboard of The USA?


2. Where is the largest concentration of vineyards in Oregon?


3. What is the most planted grape variety in Williamette Valley?


4. Southern Oregon is able to grow both cool and warm climate grape varieties:


5. Which mountains are crucial to growing conditions in Washington State?


6. Where are the majority of vineyards planted in Washington State?


7. What is the major climatic problem for grape growing in The Columbia Valley?


8. What are the two most important red wines of Washington State?


9. The American and hybrid vine species are only used for the production of juice and jelly in New York State:


10. What is the most important AVA for wine production in New York State?