WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 3 Part 21: Questions

Lesson 21 Chapter 1 Module 1

We're studying "Southern France" here. Read and absorb the information and then see how you do with our question set.

1. What are the three broad areas of The Southern France Vineyards?


2. What is the climate of The Southern French vineyards?


3. What is the name of the wind that blows between Massif Central and The Pyrenees?


4. What is the biggest grape growing challenge in this Mediterranean climate?


5. What are the two most important local varieties of black grape grown in Southern France?


6. Which two white grape varieties now dominate the plantings?


7. Muscat is ONLY used in the production of sweet fortified wines:


8. What are the characteristics of Picpoul wines?


9. More IGP wines are made in this area than ANY OTHER region of France:


10. Most Languedoc-Roussillon wines are sold under the regional name of:


11. What type of wines account for the majority produced in Provence?


12. Where is AC Bandol located?


13. What grape variety is used to produce the wines of Bandol?


14. Which area of Languedoc produces premium oaked Chardonnays?


15. Grenache Blanc makes sweet wines that have a soft peachy fruitiness: