WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Section 2 Part 5: Questions

Lesson 5 Chapter 1 Module 1

1. In order to survive how many key things does the vine need?


2. Which of the key things is missing from this list? Heat, sunlight, water, nutrients?


3. What is photosynthesis??


4. Below what temperature is it too cold for the vine to grow?


5. All varieties need the same amount of warmth during the growing season:


6. Most vineyards lie between what latitudes North and South?


7. As regards vineyards what does the term aspect mean?


8. What is Continentality?


9. What is transpiration?


10. A vine can never have too much water:


11. What happens to temperature as altitude rises?


12. What is a region’s climate defined as?


13. What is classed as a cool climate?


14. Of the three climate types, which has the lowest rainfall and extra sunlight?


15. What is humus?


16. Stones on the service of the soil can help heat up a vineyard:


17. What is veraison?


18. What is loam?


19. What is chlorosis?


20. Vines do not need high levels of nutrients in order to thrive: