WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Questions Set B

Lesson 47 Chapter 1 Module 2

Treat this as a mock exam, 50 questions covering the whole of the Level 3 Book. The pass mark for the real exam is 55% (28 out of 50). Can YOU do it?

Remember these are OUR questions and not from a WSET exam. They will give you a good idea of what to expect though.

1. Which of the following can be added to de-acidify a wine?


2. Sulphur Dioxide can be used as an antiseptic and antioxidant in wine making:


3. Which of these is not a cap management technique?


4. In Alsace which is the only red grape permitted?


5. Which classification of Médoc was not included in the 1855 classification?


6. Which of these categories of Chablis is most likely to show some use of oak?


7. Which Northern Rhône appellation is 100% Syrah?


8. When is Muscadet sur Lie bottled?


9. Which Côte de Beaune commune produces only red wines?


10. What is the name of the wind that can damage vines in The Rhône?


11. How many varieties of grape can be used to make Châteauneuf-du-Pape?


12. The only style of wine produced in Tavel is white:


13. Which of the following makes a style of wine similar to Chateauneuf-du-Pape?


14. Whereabouts in France is Château Grillet?


15. In which of these regions is The Silvaner grape most widely planted?


16. Rulander is a white grape in Germany:


17. Which description best describes a Riesling Spatlese?


18. What is Strohwein?


19. What grape is used exclusively to make wines from Naoussa?


20. How is Recioto wine produced?


21. vines in Northern Italy were traditionally trained using The Pergola method:


22. Whereabouts in Italy is The Piemonte region?


23. How long must Chianti Classico be aged before release?


24. What grapes make up the blend of an Orvieto DOC wine?


25. What is the best description for a wine from Sangiovese?


26. What type of wine does the Frascati DOC produce?


27. What is the dominant red grape in Sicily?


28. In the area of Rioja what do they call the Carinena grape?


29. Ribero del Duero is a DO only for red wines:


30. What style of wine does the Monastrell grape variety produce?


31. Which grapes is thought of as the best quality in The Douro?


32. The Bairrada region of Portugal is dominated by which red grape?


33. Which is the most important DVA in British Columbia?


34. Which AVA in California produces aromatic white grapes?


35. Which of these phrases best describes a Carmenere?


36. Which is the second most dominant grape in Argentina?


37. What climate is found in The Central Otago region of New Zealand?


38. The Clare and Eden valleys of Australia are renowned for which grape?


39. What is the name od the South Easterly Summer winds in South Africa?


40. Liqueur d’expédition is a solution of wine and sugar used in the traditional production method for sparkling wine:


41. By how much if the alcohol level raised in the second fermentation of sparkling wine?


42. Which is the second largest centre for sparkling wine production in France?


43. What grape is used in the production of Prosecco?


44. Which region is renowned for sparkling wine production in California?


45. How long after harvest must a vintage port be bottled?


46. The Muscat grape is known for what classic aromas?


47. Rutherglen Muscat is produced in South Africa:


48. Which one of the sherry styles below is traditionally sweetened?


49. What colour is an Oloroso Sherry?


50. What country produces Méthode Cap Classique wines?