WSET Level 3 Wines

Level 3 Wines Questions Set A

Lesson 46 Chapter 2 Module 1

Treat this as a mock exam, 50 questions covering the whole of the Level 3 Book. The pass mark for the real exam is 55% (28 out of 50). Can YOU do it?

Remember these are OUR questions and not from a WSET exam. They will give you a good idea of what to expect though.

1. What does reduction smell like?


2. What is Brettanomyces?


3. Which of the following alcohol levels would be considered medium for a light wine?


4. In what style of wine do sulphur dioxide levels tend to be highest?


5. Where do we look in a white wine to best assess its colour?


6. Which of these describes best a wine that is medium dry?


7. Mousse is a term that is only relevant for which type of wine?


8. Aromas that have their origins in the post fermentation process are:


9. When a wine shows primary aromas with light acid or tannin, it will be classified as:


10. High acidity wines are usually found in grapes from which type of climate?


11. Which of these pairs of food elements increase the perception of body and decrease the perception of acidity in a wine?


12. Which of these pairs of food elements increase the perception of alcohol and decrease the perception of sweetness in a wine?


13. How many buds are retained with Spur Pruning?


14. What is a clone?


15. Which part of the vine is a cordon?


16. What is the traditional treatment for Downy Mildew on a vine?


17. What is the definition of a Continental Climate?


18. What is the most effective solution used to protect grapes from birds?


19. When does flowering and fruit set occur in the northern hemisphere?


20. What is needed for photosynthesis to occur?


21. At what temperature does fermentation stop?


22. What is meant by racking?


23. Who championed screw caps on wine?


24. Which method produces the most delicately coloured rosé?


25. Which grapes does not belong in Alsace?


26. What is the name of the mountain range that protects the vineyards of Alsace?


27. In which region of Bordeaux would find the classification Premier Grand Cru Classé A


28. What Petit Verdot add to a blend?


29. Monbazillac wines are most similar to:


30. What commune in Côte Chalonnais only produces white wines?


31. In what region of The Loire is Vouvray located?


32. What soil types are the Beaujolais Crus grown on?


33. What is the permitted alcohol level for Muscadet?


34. Cabernet Franc is used in:


35. What climate do the central vineyards in The Loire Valley have?


36. Which of the following Loire areas is prone to Botrytis?


37. Which grape is most often blended with Grenache for rosé?


38. Which term refers to a German wine that is off-dry to medium?


39. What is the most widely planted red grape in Austria?


40. What is the grape in a Valpolicella wine?


41. In which region is the Teroldego grape grown?


42. How long must a Barbaresco DOCG be aged for?


43. What region is known for its Verdicchio wines?


44. How many white varieties are approved for use in white Rioja?


45. Which region of Spain grows the most grapes for Cava production?


46. In which state is the Williamette Valley AVA located?


47. What grape is Stags Leap District and Rutherford AVA known for?


48. What is Argentina’s most southerly wine region?


49. Which region in North Island New Zealand has the longest sunshine hours?


50. What is the most widely planted grape in South Africa?